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From the owner:


I started B2N (Back to Normal Construction) in my mind in 2008 when I realized that the company I was working for cared more about pleasing the insurance companies than they did our customers. It was not that they were a terrible company and not that the insurance companies were being horrible, but it really just came down to the little details for me. Most of our jobs came because we were the "Preferred Provider" for many insurance companies. For me, this concept of a "Preferred Provider" was a conflict of interest that even good meaning people could abuse without realizing it. 

My dream for B2N is to be the "Preferred Provider" of the people who have suffered a financial loss due to circumstances outside of their control, like wind and hail damage. Our number one focus will always be on our customers and solving their problems by using our knowledge of construction and building codes to ensure that all of our projects are built right and to last. 

Being the "Preferred Provider" of the people to me means building a reputation that is solid so people will know that even if/when we make a mistake, we will ALWAYS have the integrity to fix that mistake... and we do make mistakes. We are still a young and growing company, but a quick research of our company will prove that we care. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which is something that not everyone in our industry can say. We have hundreds of happy customers, many of which have left us very nice reviews on Facebook and Google and Home Advisor. 

Being a "Preferred Provider"  of the people to me also means turning clients into fans, and that cannot be done without hard work and solid intentions. Customer Service is so important to us that we keep adding checks and balances to our business to ensure that we catch our mistakes and avoid making the same ones again. "Serving Creates Opportunity" is our company's purpose statement that serves to continually remind us that serving others comes first, which will lead us to our goals of financial and professional growth.


Since our actual beginning in 2010, we have grown far beyond my initial expectations. When I started, I was really still just a carpenter with a heart for customers but without a brain for business. As time passed, I constantly worked on my shortcomings, finally reaching a level of success to be proud of. It's now 2021 and although I still say we are only at the beginning, we have built a foundation that will support our growth for decades to come. In fact, we are now in the process of reaching out beyond southern Illinois to southeast Missouri and potentially our other neighboring states of Kentucky and Indiana. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this short company biography enough to also become part of the story. Each of our smiling customers holds a dear place in my heart because your smile means you chose us as your "Preferred Provider" and you are happy with your decision... and if for some reason you are not smiling and not happy with our services, we want to hear about that too so we can continue to improve what we do. 

Thanks for reading,


Steve Essary

President and Founder of Back to Normal Construction, Inc. 

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