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You Have Storm Damage

Of course not EVERYBODY does but believe it or not, MOST homes in our service area have legitimate and significant Storm Damage, and even worse, MOST homeowners are completely unaware. That is a huge problem that will cost you thousands of dollars unexpectedly.

The Good News is that we can help!

Often after a storm, we tend to take a quick glance around the yard and up at the roof and see nothing to be concerned with. No leaks = No damage, right? Unfortunately that is NOT always the case.

Today's shingles are much heavier than they used to be. So when the wind blows hard and rips them from the nails, many times they lay right back down covering up the damage that just occurred. These areas are just like time bombs waiting to explode into much larger problems.

Many times we find 5 to 10 or more patches of shingles that have ripped from the nails during a heavy storm. These areas need to be repaired as soon as possible because the very next storm could finish off the job and leave you will ruined drywall and soaked carpets. We see these things daily when we do our FREE INSPECTIONS!

Hail damage can be even more allusive. In fact, the first time I was taught about hail damage I thought to myself, "How can this be considered a catastrophe?" Tiny dings and dents in the shingles that cannot even be seen from the ground surely can't be a big deal, right? Boy was I WRONG!!!

Those tiny abrasions can lead to large holes. What happens is that the hail loosens the ceramic granules from the shingle. Then over time they fall off exposing the asphalt waterproofing to the UV rays of the sun. No biggie, right? But have you ever seen what the sun can do to an asphalt driveway? Driveways are usually several inches thick too, but the sun will eat them up leaving a mess if regular maintenance and sealing is not kept up with. Well the asphalt on your shingles is super thin! It might take a few years but all of a sudden the less than obvious damage is now unsightly and dangerous. Once the asphalt begins to crack, you can experience many leaks in a hurry. And what is worse is that the 30-50 year roof you thought you had is now reduced to a 10-15 year roof. This means you will be shelling out $5k - $50k (depending on size) for a new roof in half the time you planned. That means a 30 year roof that costs $10k actually costs you $20k if it only lasts 15 years!

But thank goodness for our friends at the insurance company. They thought of this a long time ago! They created a policy to take the risk off of you in exchange for your monthly premiums so that in the off chance that you do experience a hail or wind storm you can have the peace of mind that they will take care of it. Just call them and ask them if storm damage is covered on your policy. It almost always is! That's great news! That means that the risk of paying double for a 30 year roof is theirs because you paid them to take it for you.

Unfortunately they don't give free inspections. That's not their job. It is actually your responsibility as the homeowner to tell them when you have a problem. So how do you know if you actually have a problem?

That's where we come in! We have decades of experience in identifying and estimating the costs of storm damage. We can tell you in 20-30 minutes if you have enough damage to justify an insurance claim or if the damage you have is minor and wouldn't cost more than your deductible. And we do that service for FREE!

After we show you pictures of the damage we find (if we find any), you can then make a decision if you want to file an insurance claim and get your roof Back to Normal! :)

Should you decide to continue working with us, we will be very happy to meet your insurance adjuster and show them what we found. If they agree with us then we will put a brand new beautiful roof on your home and your only out of pocket expense will be your deductible which in most cases is around $1000. Wouldn't you rather pay $1000 today versus paying $10,000 next year when it is too late to file a claim (see your policy for time requirements to file a claim)?

And our roofs are awesome too!!! We have the backing of the best shingle manufacturer in the industry, CertainTeed. They have tested us and deemed us worthy to offer their best warranties that include a Lifetime of protection! This means that you may never have to buy another roof again (unless you move or another hail storm takes it out). Normal wear and tear is not covered by insurance but CertainTeed will guarantee their shingles to last the test of time or they will redo the roof at their expense! (Must be installed by a CertainTeed Shingle Master Select Company like B2N)

So don't wait until your problems have multiplied. We can let you know what's up today and give you peace of mind that is priceless. Just call us at (833) B2N ROOF or fill out the form on any one of our web pages. Or stop by our Facebook page at and see what other folks have had to say about the services we offer. We have TONS of happy customers because we make customer happiness our highest priority!

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