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Storm Damage

June 26, 2018

On June 26, 2018 several storms blew across South East Missouri and Southern Illinois. The areas that can expect the most damage would be Jackson, Anna, Jonesboro, Cobden, Lick Creek, Goreville, Lake of Egypt area, South of Marion, South of Harrisburg, Elizabethtown, Rosiclare, and many more...

Hail and Wind Damage can severely reduce the life expectancy of your roof and cost you tens of thousands of dollars! The Good News is that Wind and Hail Damage is most-likely covered on your homeowner's insurance policy!

Filing a claim is simple and will save you thousands of dollars if your home was damaged by these storms. 

But don't want to file a claim if you're not sure that you have significant damage! Keep Reading!


 If you see your area with an yellow/orange color in the map below, you should call us for a FREE, No Obligation Roof Inspection. 

Here's How It Works:

1. We take pictures of any Storm Damage we find on your property

2. We show those pictures to you

3. If you decide, we will show the damage to your insurance company

4. If they agree, we will put a beautiful New Roof on your home!!!

And NOT Just ANY ROOF... We only provide quality workmanship and materials that have the BEST Warranties!

It's really that easy because we make it that easy.


Nobody in the area can help you like we can.

So give us a call at (833) B2N ROOF or (833) 226-7663 to book your Free Inspection

Or You can fill out the form on this page. Just make sure you tell us which town you live in so we can send the right project manager to do your inspection. 

Or Call Us 

(833) B2N ROOF

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